Babolat RPM Blast 16 Tennis String

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String is quite a famous choice amongst the veteran tennis players. It’s made of co-polyester and was first used by Rafael Nadal, the famous Tennis player in 2010 at Australian Open which gradually became the most desired choice amongst all the tennis players later on. It possesses the magical powers with highly impressive spin score. The product provides utmost control and comfort to the players, which help them with high precision on fast swings. It has a smooth surface which allows the main strings to slip out of alignment, clutch the ball and then snap back to spin to the shot. Babolat RPM blast ideal tennis strings for tennis elbow


Power & Control

The power level of Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string is comparatively low. This has been specifically designed keeping in mind the comfort level of those players who prefer to swing big and generate their own power and control the shots according to their comfort and skill. The string has a brittle feel to it, particularly while hitting topspin, where the ball normally seems to hit the string bed. Players who want to hit completely flat shots may have to put in their own strength because of the low to medium power level. They may easily hit the ball big without worrying about the ball flying on them or sailing long or wide.

Spin & Comfort

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string is highly firm and has a durable co-polyester finish, which makes the string highly spin friendly. Though all co-poly monofilaments are great at spin but RPM Blast is considered to be the best amongst all. It is softer that the traditional polyesters and is the best choice for all the tennis players who prefer to use heavier racquets looking for maximum durability, spin and control. Comfort is another considerable feature of this product. It comes with the new silicone coating which allows the strings to slide across each other easily which gives utmost comfort to the players.

Durability & Playing Duration

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string is extremely durable and lasts long which is one of the most desired features for any tennis player. The string remains in playable condition despite its tension level drops down making the string softer and looser. It is ideal for practitioners too because it provides durability and control for a longer period than expected.  Players normally are worried about the string bed which gets looser after constant hit of the ball. But Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string, despite being soft from the comfort perspective would not lose control throughout the game which is the bonus for the players.


The overall response about the Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string is highly commendable. The experts opine that this is the must have string for the practitioners and the veterans too. It has got every feature like power, control, spin, comfort and durability, etc. which the players look for while selecting the racquet. Low level of power allows player to put in their own strength as and where required. Durability allows them to play for a considerable amount of time. Soft string gives the players required level of comfort while playing. This is definitely a recommended product for all the players.

  • This string provides firmer feeling compared to other co-polys
  • The string has a gear-shape and provides the perfect ball pocketing and spinning power
  • This is one of the softest polys available in the market which provides comfort to the arm and wrist of the players
  • It provides perfect amount of spin to Poly Star Energy and has a better control
  • Durability is the most important feature of this product.
  • The string is perfect for longer and faster strokes.

  • Apart from the low power level, Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string has got all the features desired by the players whether a beginner or an expert.

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