Best Kids Tennis Racket Reviews 2018 – Top Picks & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the Best Junior Tennis Racquet ever for your kids? Tennis is an immensely loved sport. It is without doubt one of the most popular sports in the world. People in different age brackets play tennis and enjoy doing so. Be it kids or adults everyone can and do play tennis. It is that popular a game. Kids make use of smaller tennis racquets to relinquish their desire of excelling in this worldwide popular sport. But kids are obviously spoil for choice in selecting the best kids tennis racket, with hundreds of different kinds of racquets available for grabs in the market. So how does one choose a racquet that would best suit their abilities? That happens with careful research.

best Kids Tennis Racket reviews

Top-Rated Junior Tennis Racquets Comparison Chart


  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm

  • Length: 26 in. / 66 cm

  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

  • Strung Weight: 8.6 oz / 250 g

Graphene Instinct Tennis Racquet

  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm

  • Length: 27 in. / 68 cm

  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

  • Strung Weight: 9.2 oz. / 260 g


  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm

  • Length: 25 in. / 63 cm

  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

  • Strung Weight: 7.9 oz / 225 g

Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet
  • Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

  • Head Size: 115 sq. in. / 742 sq. cm.

  • Length: 27.75 in / 70 cm

  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

  • Strung Weight: 8.9 oz / 252 g

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket
  • Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

  • Headsize: 110 sq. in. / 709 sq. cm

  • Length: 27.50 in. / 70 cm

  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 20 Crosses

  • Strung Weight: 8.70 oz. / 246 g

Best 3 Kids Tennis Racket Reviews


Babolat AeroPro Drive 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

The AeroPro Drive 26 is an updated version of the previous AeroPro Drive Junior Bobalat tennis racquet. It has the very same features as that of its predecessor, only with the added feature of BABOLAT’s Active Cortex System which is designed to provide extra comfort and feel.


  • Length is of 26 in.
  • Weight is roughly about 250g.
  • Head size is 100 sq. in.
  • Balance point is 330 mm.

This is often referred to as the junior version of Rafael Nadal’s racquet of choice. This junior racquet provides similar technologies as its larger counterpart. They also tally greatly in most of their characteristics.

  • Players will enjoy AeroPro’s access to spin and power. Along with the spin and power offered by this beauty, you will also enjoy a very composed and refined manoeuvrability and touch.
  • This type of adult tennis racquet is ideal for seasoned junior players. It comes in both 4 and 4 1/8 grip sizes.
  • Being the fifth generation of the AeroPro racquet, it still doesn’t fail to offer its known power and topspin.
  • It comes with a Woofer system that enables the string and the frame to interact with one another.
  • This particular racquet provides 25{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} longer ball-string contact time compared to other racquets. It has greater precision and more sensation.
  • As mentioned earlier the Cortex Active technology proves to be a boon for few and bane for others. Some players find it discomforting, while others say this technology gives them a better feel of the ball. This system allows the player to use three different types of dampeners, such that its sensation suits their desired preference.
  • It is made out of a fairly sturdy material and is concentrated at 3 and 9 clock positions on the string bed.
  • The strings are a combination of carbon and stiff Tungsten fibres making the racquet twice as stable as your standard carbon frames. This youth tennis racquet provides more precision and less torque.



Graphene Instinct Tennis Racquet

The Graphene Instinct Racket is a stable and impressive lightweight tennis racquet for kids. It is lightweight as it is made out of graphene. It’s most common specs are:

Graphene Instinct Tennis Racquet | Kids Tennis Racket

  • Head size is of 100 sq. in.
  • Length is 27 in.
  • The weight is about 9.2 oz.
  • Balance is 2.67 pts. HH.
  • The width of the beam happens to be 23-25-21 mm.
  • String pattern – 16×19.
  • Offers flexible construction.
  • Swingweight – 301.
  • Ideal Swing – Medium.
  • NTRP – 3.0 to 4.0.

Some Amazing Features Of The Graphene Instinct Are :-

  • As mentioned above, weighing just 9.2 oz. makes it good in reach and leverage. The manoeuvrability is excellent too because of this. Its weight is evenly distributed. The weight focus is on the head heavy balance, which increases the amount of power that can be generated in either baseline or off the serve.
  • The head size of 100 square inch, gives the player a larger than average hitting area and also helps them accomplish a stable and controlled feel.
  • While in nets, the lightweight nature of this youth tennis racquet makes it even more useful, allowing each one of you to easily and quickly adjust to well hitting passing attempts or unexpected net cords.
  • In all certainty, this tennis racket for adults is best suited for players looking to add additional power to their already powerful game and not even going through the trouble of having to change the swing.
  • Graphene fibres used in the manufacture of these racquets are 200 times stronger than steel. This increases the overall strength offered by this youth tennis racquet by reducing the weight. These Graphene fibres also provide an optimal redistribution of weight, which makes these racquets more powerful and easier to swing.
  • Juniors who are slowly growing up into the adult frame can use this youth tennis racket. It allows for the easiest and fastest swinging any young player can hope for.
  • With the use of Graphene, the manufacturers have cleverly moved the weight from the shaft to the tip and handle, thereby, increasing the power and stability of the racquet without actually undergoing any changes in its overall mass.
  • More mass in the handle of this racquet comfortably reduces torque and provides greater plow from its baseline.
  • Their recoil technology allows crosslinking abilities to stabilize the frame on faster swings and also create more feel on touch shots, even though the weight greatly reduces.



TFlash 25 Junior Tennis Racquet

The Technifibre T-Flash 25 Junior racket is a sleek and sporty racquet suitable for players aged 9 and up. It is a powerful racquet which best suits the needs of up and coming players. It is made up of a graphite composition, which provides it a solid frame for withstanding the extreme demands of rising stars. This racquet is powerful as far as contact is concerned, thanks to its round shaft and contoured head. Some of the specs of this racquets are as listed below.

TFlash 25 Junior Tennis Racquet | Kids Tennis Racquet Size

  • Weight of the racquet stands at 225g/7.9 oz.
  • Length is 637mm/25 in.
  • Material used in the construction is graphite.

Some Of The Bright Features That Comes With This Particular Racquet Are :

  • This tennis racquet provides more speed and spin on the ball. It has very short ball/string contact time. This ensures it to have stunning power. When a youngster plays with this racquet he/she is instantly instilled with confidence. Those individuals looking for power and manoeuvrability, the TFlash 25 Junior racquet is the answer.
  • Individuals looking into developing and improving their game can use this racquet. It has a large head with a generous sweet spot. This ensures that youngsters hit as well time their shots well along with the access to solid power.
  • The racquet length as such is shorter than regular adult size of 25” (637 mm) length, which allows it to adapt to young junior players. Just like the professional racquets, this racquet also provides the finesse in shot-taking.
  • It is also very light, weighing in just about 225 g. This racquet additionally also provides strength, great performance and durability.
  • Another interesting feature of this kind of racquet is that it comes pre-strung with Synthetic Gut string. This is usually available in the 16×19 pattern.
  • In order to protect your racquet off the courts, the manufacturer also provides you with a ¾ racquet cover.


Choosing the right racquet may not always be the easiest choice, but the above reviews of three of the most popular junior tennis racquets available in the market will go a long way in helping you decide which will best suit your unique needs. Apart from the above listed 3 types of tennis racket for adults there are whole lot of racquets available in the market. A strong advice for those who want to research before making their choice – carefully scrutinize every junior racket you may have shortlisted, to pick the best one for you. Reviews of your shortlisted racquets will help you all along, such as this.

Hopefully, the above given reviews justify them as the best tennis racquet for beginners available in the market, so that you do not have to delve any deeper into other resources for selecting the perfect racquet for you. Make a wise decision because it will go a long way in shaping your tennis career.