Best Tennis Balls Reviews 2018 – Top Pics & Buying Guide

To a beginner, all tennis balls might look the same but there are multiple distinctions between various tennis balls. With over two hundred International Tennis Federation approved brands to choose from, it can be quite intimidating for someone who has just started playing the sport. There are many factors to consider before buying a correct tennis ball. Read all the foremost tennis ball reviews to be sure that you are picking your good tennis balls. For example, whether it is for indoor or hard court or for high altitude regions or a region closer to the sea level, is it for both kids as well as adults. Tennis Balls can be classified with regards to the player’s level, stage, colors and other factors. Each brand of ball manufacturer produces three different types of tennis balls – Recreational, Championship and Professional. Various top brands like Penn, Wilson, Dunlop, etc. offer various types of tennis balls like kids tennis balls, practice tennis balls, tournament tennis balls, and elbow ease tennis balls.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of a tennis ball is very short. In a professional tennis match after every nine games, a new can of balls is opened. Most of the experts believe that once the can is opened and left at a room temperature, the balls becomes unplayable in two weeks or may be less; though some of the manufacturers have tried finding a solution for the same. Good tennis balls can make a big impact on your play hence it is important to consider all the above points while choosing.


  • Hard & Clay Court Balls
  • No. Of Balls: 12
  • Clay & Indoor Court Balls
  • No. Of Balls: 3
  • Hard Court Balls
  • No. Of Balls: 36
  • Grass & Clay Court Balls
  • No. Of Balls: 36
  • Hard Court Balls
  • No. Of Balls: 12



Gamma Sports Quick Kids Training Balls

Gamma Sports Kids Training Balls are great for kids as these balls have less pressure. Kids are comfortable while using the balls because these balls do not bounce like other tennis balls. These balls are bigger in size in comparison to regular-sized tennis balls. Children find these balls comfy because they are left with more time to prepare for hitting the balls. The balls can be used to train those children who love to play outdoor sports. The product is available in a variegated range of colors in addition to having different tag names, such as 78 green dot, 60 orange dot, quick kids 36, quick kids 60 and quick kids 78, to name a few. Read more



  • The product comes in different styles and attractive colors. The contrasting colors give the balls a brilliant look and children are also lured by its color.
  • These balls have less pressure so it is best when it comes to training children.
  • Children find these balls more comfortable as it does not bounce much.
  • These balls are soft but durable.
  • As the ball has little air in it a player has to exert great force while hitting it.


Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball maintains firmness for a longer duration. The bouncy nature of these balls is preserved until there is some fur left on the surface. These balls fly swiftly when a player strikes a swing. So, it is a perfect ball for making a swing. The aluminum seal on the side and the proper package make it a standard tennis ball. The product dimensions are 8.5” X 3” X 3” which is also comfortable for physical therapy. It is used by many people because of its solid and perfect shape and is one of the preferred choices of the beginners. Read more

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls Review


  • Wilson Tennis Balls stay firm for a longer duration. These balls are built to last long and do not get damaged easily.
  • The balls are solid and are great for beginners, but it is a preferred choice of professionals too.
  • These balls are helpful in making a good swing and have an impact on the player’s performance.
  • This ball is economical in rate, so even if you happen to lose some of these on the court while playing, you will not regret your decision.
  • Wilson Tennis Balls are sturdy and do get cracked easily. The fuzz on the outer part of the ball lasts for a longer duration.
  • These balls are created to deliver excellent performance on clay and indoor courts.


Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls are great for playing in hard courts. The product is made of rubber for a regular play and minimizes shock. The fuzz on the exterior part of the ball is interlocked by woolen fiber to preserve it for a longer duration. Users will find the ball nice as it does not get cracked soon. The elastic seam used in the ball minimizes the possibility of cracking. The bouncy nature of the balls is preserved for a longer duration players are often pleased when they find its bounce at the best stage even after playing for months. Read more

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls Value Bulk Pack of 12 Cans


  • Materials like rubber and elastic have been used to manufacture this ball. Elastic seams are known to reduce the chances of cracking. The quality of the ball supersedes ordinary balls.
  • These balls are durable and the bouncy nature of the ball remains good even if a player plays with it for a long period of time.
  • The product will make a difference in the performance when a player strikes it in a hard court
  • These are decent balls that suit the personality of players.
  • The product is affordable and is a good value for money.


Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls are manufactured by using rubber that reduces shock. The fuzz on the exterior part of the ball is interlocked by wool fiber to make it more durable. There are 12 balls in a pack and the shipping weight of a single pack is 6.5 pounds. 64{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} of customers have rated it with 5 stars out of 5 stars. The bounce of the Penn Championship Tennis balls is preserved even after playing two rounds of games. The use of elastic seam makes the tennis balls durable and minimizes the chances of cracking. Users will find the balls bouncy and quick in responding. Read more

Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls (Pack of 12)


  • Elastic seam has been used to minimize the possibility of cracking and eventually the ball lasts longer.
  • The natural rubber used in the manufacturing of the Penn Regular Duty Balls reduces shock.
  • The wool fiber used to interlock the fur on the exterior makes the fur last for a longer period.
  • You get 12 tennis balls in a single pack, which means that even if you happen to lose some of these while playing you still have some balls remaining in your bag to play with.
  • The long lasting fur of the balls preserves its bouncy nature so much so that players can use it for a longer period of time.


Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball delivers the best performance on hard courts. It bears the title of being the official ball of US Open since 1978. The user can be really proud of the grand product. These balls make a lot of difference in your game. With these US balls you will definitely be able to bring improvement in your performance. A player can stock these balls when there is a fall in the price of the balls.  These balls are durable and are better to be used when playing for a longer duration. With Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls, you can play in hard courts with all your confidence. Read more

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball (4-Pack), Yellow


  • The title of being the official ball of US Open since a long time assures a player of its quality. It gives a player the confidence to deliver the best performance.
  • The performance of these balls on hard courts is sure to bring praises to the players. Hard courts are the best places to witness its splendor.
  • The product is made of finest Tex/ Tech felt.
  • It is durable and long lasting. So, it is the best ball to strike in a tennis court.
  • Wilson US Open Ball is the preferred choice of professional players. This ball is a gift for beginners and it will have a good impact on their career.

Choosing The Best Tennis Balls

Does The Color Matter?

The “Play and Stay Campaign” which was launched by The International Tennis Federation in 2011 introduced three more types of balls to encourage the game & most of the players love to play with colored tennis balls.

Stage 3 or Red tennis balls for kids aged between 5-8 years. They have two subcategories – Standard construction and Cut/molded foam and are approved for play in a 36-foot court.

Stage 2 or Orange tennis balls are for kids between 8-10 years. They are reduced flight balls and ideal for playing on a 60-foot court.

Stage 1 or Green tennis balls is to be used by players 9-10 years and above and used on a full-size 78-foot length tennis court.

Best Colored Tennis Balls - Tennis Balls Reviews

Other colors like black tennis balls, pink tennis balls, white tennis balls, yellow tennis balls, blue tennis balls, purple tennis balls etc. can be used for the recreational purpose and your personal preference.

Regular Duty vs. Extra Duty

Almost all championship and professional level tennis balls are available in Regular Duty, Extra Duty, and High Altitude categories.

Regular Duty

When looking for a perfect tennis ball, the type of court that you play on is very important. If you play on the indoor court or on a clay court, you will need a Regular Duty Tennis Ball. These balls are less fuzzy; have thinner felt covering which reduces the amount of clay absorbed while playing.  They wear the felt less but tend to fluff up the ball. If played on a hard court, regular duty tennis ball will get ruined very fast.

Extra Duty

Extra Duty Tennis Balls are meant for players who play on hard courts or grass courts. Due to the hard surface of the court, one needs a ball that will not ruin easily. Extra duty tennis balls have thicker felt covering which is fuzzier and not woven very tightly around the core of the ball. This makes it last longer and perform better. Hence, the durability of the ball is not compromised. Many of the players are buying bulk of tennis balls for their game but not the good  quality tennis balls.

High Altitude

‘High Altitude’ Balls, as the name suggests, are better suited to the thin air of high altitude courts. These balls have a diameter which is around 6{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} more than the ‘lower altitude’ or regular tennis balls. The reason for this is that the air pressure is lower at high altitudes. When the ball flies in the air, due to air resistance the tennis ball slows down. The amount of air resistance depends on the air pressure and the surface area of the ball. Since lower air pressure would mean less air resistance, the tennis balls are made bigger. This way the amount of air resistance for low altitude area balls and the high altitude area balls remains same in their respective playing areas. Hence, the game is played the same way.

Perfect Tennis Balls For You: Recreational, Championship Or Professional?

Tennis is a popular social game played all over the world by different age groups. Tennis balls have evolved majorly with a huge amount of money being spent on its development and technology. Generally speaking, most of the top manufacturers of professional tennis balls produce three types of balls –Recreational level, Championship level, and Professional level. Recreational level balls are intended for practice use and are great for tennis machines. They are not allowed to be used for league or professional matches. Championship level tennis balls are a step up and are used for league matches or smaller tournaments. Professional level tennis balls are the highest quality balls and are same balls that are used for professional tournaments. They offer high performance combined with durability.

Best Tennis Balls Reviews - Colored Tennis Balls

There Are Three Basic Quality Levels Of Tennis Balls:

Recreational Level

If you have just started playing tennis then recreational level tennis balls are great for practice and best tennis balls for tennis ball machines. Usually, all manufacturers make recreational level tennis balls and they are normally cheaper than the regular tennis balls. These balls are softer and less pressurized. They achieve their bounce from the outer rubber shell structure and not from the air inside them. Also, they gain more bounce over a period of time once their outer area begins to fade. These balls are designed to play ‘slower’. One thing to remember is that the recreational level tennis balls cannot be used for any league or professional matches.

Championship Level

Championship level tennis balls are higher in the category compared to recreational level tennis balls. Most of the players are more than satisfied when playing with these balls. They are ideal for the league and small tournament matches. Almost all championship level tennis balls are available in regular duty, extra duty and high altitude variations. Depending on their type these can be played on a clay court or indoor court (also known as soft court), grass court or hard court and high altitude area court. Most of these balls cost less compared to professional category and also last longer.

Professional Level

Beginners or amateurs do not require the same level of performance from a tennis ball that a professional player does. Professional level balls are the highest quality tennis balls from any manufacturer of tennis balls and are same that are used for major tournaments. Professional players hit with a stunning amount of spin and power which makes the overall performance of the ball very crucial to them as each shot has to be accurate and precise. Professional tennis balls like Championship level tennis balls are also available in three variations – regular duty, extra duty and high altitude. They give a greater bounce, speed and spin to its player even though their lifespan is very short.

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Types of Ideal Tennis Balls: Pressureless or Pressurized?

In the highly competitive world of tennis, professional players go to great lengths to have a strong edge over their competitors, and the tennis equipment plays a major role in achieving it. There are a variety of leading tennis balls to choose from and it would depend on whether the player is a professional or a beginner. Pressureless tennis balls are used for recreational play, practice, and beginners. They are heavy, gain bounce over a period of time and have a longer shelf life compared to pressurized balls. Pressurized balls are used by professionals, give a greater bounce, speed, and spin but have a shorter shelf life.

The Best Pressureless Tennis Balls - Tennis Balls Reviews

Pressureless Tennis Balls

Non-Pressurized Balls or Pressureless Balls look stiffer and have less bounce. They achieve their bounce from their rubberized outer shell structure and not from the air pressure inside them. They are heavier and strike the tennis racquet with more force. Hence, it would require your body to use more force while hitting back. Over a period of time, best pressureless tennis balls start offering better speed and bounce as they become lighter due to fuzz loss and the softening of the rubber. Pressureless tennis balls are best for ball machines, practice & recreational use.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Best Pressureless Tennis Balls:

  • First, these are the best tennis balls for beginners as they are slow and give enough time for preparing the hit.
  • Secondly, pressureless balls last longer and don’t have to be replaced often which saves a lot of money.
  • They are good for casual players who do not put too much of emphasis on slightly different playing attributes. For them, the gaming experience more or less remains the same.
  • Pressureless tennis balls are best for teaching and training beginners or for ball machines or just a casual round of game with your friends or family, but if you are trying to generate a spin or ground strokes, use pressurized tennis balls.

Pressurized Tennis Balls

Best Pressurized Tennis Balls - Tennis Racquet Center

Pressurized Tennis Balls are widely used worldwide due to their superior performance. They are used by professional players in almost all major tournaments. The internal air pressure of the ball gives it more bounce, speed, and spin though it loses its bounce quickly. Most of the players use it for a very short duration and at times dispose it after a single match. Pressurized tennis balls start losing their bounce once the ball can is opened. As the pressurized air escapes the ball, it starts losing its bounce and feels wooden or stiff.  The life span of these balls is just over two weeks or so. Pressurized balls are usually found in a single can of three.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Pressurized Tennis Balls.

  • Firstly, they have more bounce. When they first come out of the can, the factory level bounce is excellent – the reason being the can which is vacuum sealed to prevent the pressurized air inside the balls from leaking.
  • Secondly, they allow the player to hit with more speed. Since pressurized tennis balls have less mass than pressureless tennis balls, they travel faster.
  • And finally, the pressurized tennis balls have more spin response. Since they are lighter, the player can generate more spin with these balls. Hence, those who can afford to replace the ball often and look for quality above anything else will enjoy a better game if they choose pressurized tennis balls.

Extra Durability

The life span of a pressurized tennis ball is very short and in a professional tournament many times it has to be replaced after every match. As the air starts seeping out of the ball, it loses its bounce which makes it unplayable. Many experts have mentioned that once the can of balls is opened and left at a room temperature, they will become unplayable in two weeks or so. To resolve this problem, some of the top tennis ball manufacturers are offering Extra Durable Tennis Balls. These balls have a synthetic rubber coating inside their usual rubber core which helps in preventing the air from leaking. Additionally, the ball is also fitted with an extra durable, specially interlocked felt layer so that it does not wear down fast in the course of the game. These balls maintain their bounce twice as long as regular balls but they feel the same while hitting any regular tennis ball.

Elbow Ease

Tennis elbow could be a serious problem for many tennis players of all age groups and levels. It is an inflammation of the outside of the elbow. It is often caused by the force of the racquet hitting the balls in the backhand position. Compare to women, men are more affected by tennis elbow. Though finding a quick solution for solving a tennis elbow could be difficult but a hard and evaluating look at your technique and equipment is essential. In an effort to combat this problem, some of the top manufacturers of professional tennis balls like Dunlop and Wilson have designed and constructed ‘elbow ease’ balls which help in reducing the impact by 15{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55}. Players with consistent tennis elbow pain should definitely give a serious thought to these balls.

Best Tennis Balls For Beginners & Kids

In 2012, to promote tennis as an easy, fun and a healthy game, Play and Stay Campaign of ITF introduced different levels, balls, and respective court size for beginners and kids. If you are a beginner or introducing this sport to your child there are a variety of best practice tennis balls which are designed for slower play. Practice Tennis Balls or Beginner Tennis Balls are slow moving foam or felt balls and excellent for training and coaching.  While these balls might look like regular tennis balls but their attributes are very different. These balls allow the players increased visibility, hand-eye coordination and more control over the ball. They do not deteriorate easily and don’t have to be replaced often. They are available in three different Stages – Red, Orange and Green.

  • Stage 3 (Red)

Red tennis balls are the slowest in the category of practice balls. They are designed for kids in the age group of 5-8 years. Red balls are either made from foam or felt. Red foam ball is 8-9cms in diameter with a rebound height of 85-105cms. Red Felt Ball is 7-8cms in diameter with a rebound height of 90-105cms. They move slower and bounce lower than the orange tennis ball. These balls are extra soft and their slow speed gives the player more time to think and react for each shot. Also, they have only 25{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} of the pressure of a standard ball. Since red color tennis balls are the slowest, they help in building and developing proper movement and skills. They are approved for playing on a 36-foot court with a racquet size of 17-23 inches. Red tennis balls are perfect for any kid looking to get started.

  • Stage 2 (Orange)

Approved to be played on a 60-foot court format, Orange tennis balls move slower and bounce lower than the green tennis balls. Even though they are more advanced than the Red balls, they will slow down the game. These balls like other practice balls help in boosting confidence and fine tune coordination. Orange tennis balls are low compression balls having 50{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} of the pressure of a standard ball. They are designed for kids between 8-10 years and are also perfect for beginner youth players. They have a rebound height of 105-120cms and a diameter of 7-8cms. The recommended tennis racket size for this stage is 23-25 inches.

  • Stage 1 (Green)

Green tennis balls are the final stage in the category of the practice tennis balls for beginners and kids. Designed for the age group of 11 years and up, these balls have 75{edf68b4b0c937ae74ebeb613022ae43cb4f3d401736a63ffed5838f1f17f2b55} pressure of a regular tennis ball. The rebound height of this ball is 120-135cms and the diameter of the ball is 7-8cms. Racquet size recommended for this stage is between 25-26 inches. They are ideal for beginners as well as intermediates and recommended for both children and adults. They feature slightly lower bounce than the regular ball and help amateurs use proper technique before they finally shift to major tournament balls. Green dot tennis balls are best practice aid for juniors & offer greater control. Green tennis balls are typically used on a full size 78-foot tennis court by players who are ready for more bounce and play at a comparatively fast pace.

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Benefits Of Best Tennis Balls

  • Tennis is a favorable sport for improving fitness and lifestyle. It is a good way to exercise and socialize and is played by all age groups. Investing in a good tennis gear is an essential part of playing. The wrong equipment can spoil the game and become a liability. Even though players invest a lot on tennis racquets, buying a correct tennis ball is of equal importance. Playing with the correct tennis ball can significantly improve your game.
  • When it comes to ideal tennis balls, there is a wide range to choose from. It would majorly depend on your level, skills, court, and location, and choosing the one best for you is surely not very difficult. All standard tennis balls have to confirm to approved size and weight limitations.
  • The standard tennis ball size has to be 2.57–2.70 inches and tennis ball weight should be between 1.98–2.10 ounces. All top tennis ball manufacturers provide balls in three categories – recreational, championship and professional. Even though the professional level players choose the highest quality in the category of Championship and Professional level, the best tennis ball for you would depend on your level of play and the purpose you are going to use the ball for. For example, practice tennis balls which can either be used pressurized tennis balls or new non-pressurized balls will be a great option if you are using a ball machine or for practice. They are ideal for practice and recreational play.
  • It is important to know that tennis balls move slower on clay courts than hard courts or grass courts. When playing on hard courts or grass courts, heavy duty or extra duty balls are better. They have thicker felt covering with more fuzz on it making it last long on the hard court. If playing on a soft court or indoor court, regular duty balls which are specifically designed for that surface will work better. They have thinner felt and less fuzz on it. This makes it absorb less clay when played on the clay court.
  • If you are playing at “high altitude courts”, specially designed high altitude balls should be considered. An area which is 4000 feet and above the sea level is considered as ‘high altitude’. A regular pressurized ball in such areas will bounce higher and fly faster which is a problem for all level of players.
  • A pressurized ball has more bounce, speed, and spin than pressureless balls and it is mostly used by professionals in almost all major tournaments. They have less mass than pressureless tennis balls and have to be replaced very often due to short life span. On the other hand, pressureless balls are great for practice, ball machines, and recreational play. They are heavier, get more bounce over a period of time, last longer and are an economical option for beginners and recreational players.
  • In a nutshell, the perfect tennis ball will depend on the personal preference of the player and his level of playing.


Despite the expertise level of the player, great quality tennis balls play an important role in the overall performance of the player. The aerodynamic design of the correct tennis ball is such that it helps you in playing a better game. It bounces high off the ground and often flies through the air. There are different brands to match the needs of the professionals as well as the amateurs. Some of the best are wilson tennis balls, penn tennis balls, dunlop tennis balls, babolat tennis balls, gamma tennis balls, slazenger tennis balls etc. are recognized from the international tennis federation. Just as professionals need superior balls that can give them high-quality spin and power, amateurs too need good quality tennis balls that can generate a great bounce, spin and flight responses. Choosing the best tennis ball will inevitably depend on the player’s level and skills.

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