Best Tennis Racquet Strings 2017 Reviews

Selecting the best tennis strings can be little confusing because when you go to any store, there are different types of tennis strings. That was the time when a person confused about which string he should buy for a perfect tennis racquet swing when playing. To solve this problem our team combined a many of important factors which you should consider whenever buying the best suitable tennis racquet string for yourself. Specially the best tennis strings for intermediate player. Our tennis strings guide includes 5 best tennis strings reviews for your better pick.

Top-Rated Tennis Strings Comparison Chart

  • Type: Co-polyester
  • Construction: Monofilament
  • Gauge: 16 / 17 / 18
  • Type: Natural Gut
  • Construction: Polyester Multifilament
  • Gauge: 16/17
  • Type: Synthetic Gut
  • Construction: Textured Multifilament
  • Gauge: 16 / 17 / 18
  • Type: Synthetic Gut
  • Construction: Polyphenylene Sulfide PowerStrip
  • Gauge: 16

TOP 4 Tennis String Reviews


Babolat RPM Blast 16 Tennis String

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String is quite a famous choice amongst the veteran tennis players. It’s made of co-polyester and was first used by Rafael Nadal, the famous Tennis player in 2010 at Australian Open which gradually became the most desired choice amongst all the tennis players later on. It possesses the magical powers with highly impressive spin score. The product provides utmost control and comfort to the players, which help them with high precision on fast swings. It has a smooth surface which allows the main strings to slip out of alignment, clutch the ball and then snap back to spin to the shot. Read more

  • This string provides firmer feeling compared to other co-polys
  • The string has a gear-shape and provides the perfect ball pocketing and spinning power
  • This is one of the softest polys available in the market which provides comfort to the arm and wrist of the players
  • It provides perfect amount of spin to Poly Star Energy and has a better control
  • Durability is the most important feature of this product.
  • The string is perfect for longer and faster strokes.

  • Apart from the low power level, Babolat RPM Blast Tennis string has got all the features desired by the players whether a beginner or an expert.


Wilson NXT Tour 17 Tennis Racquet String

Wilson NXT Tour is one of the most popular brands in the tennis world. These racquets are high in comfort and equally great at control level for the players. Power is one of the best features of Wilson NXT Tour Tennis racquet. The strings of the racquet are very solid and by far reliable for any beginner and the expert players. It’s very easy and comfortable on arm and wrist for the players. The soft yet stiff strings allow the players to feel the ball better. The strings of Wilson NXT Tour Tennis racquet are closest to the natural gut. Read more

  • It is the perfect combination of control, tension and spin.
  • It features Natural Gut which is one of the most expensive materials used in manufacturing tennis racquet string.
  • It is preferred by the club players and the touring specialists.
  • It has a solid and reliable string.
  • High on Power, control and comfort.
  • Perfect string that’s easy on the arm and the wrist.
  • Made of multifilament giving strength to the strings.
  • Most preferred by the beginners and the expert players too.
  • The only con that has been noted in Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is the low durability because of extremely soft strings.


Head RIP Control Tennis String

Head Rip Control Tennis String is the best string that is made of synthetic and is the best for professional players. This synthetic string bears a close resemblance to natural string made of gut. So, it offers durability and a perfect combination of power and control. An outer sheath of polyolefin ribbons applied to it makes it a unique one. These tennis strings create great spin and are excellent for beginners who are looking for strings that are not too firm. The response of the string is highly elastic at the centre as it is made of nylon fibers. These nylon fibers also offer high precision. Read more

  • The synthetic used in the string offers great durability.
  • As the characteristics of the strings are similar to that of natural strings, it offers great spin and playability.
  • The strings have a textured surface at the center that offers maximum spin.
  • The polyolefin ribbons applied at the center facilitates greater control and power.
  • Precision is further accentuated by the texture and pattern on the strings.
  • The thickness of the strings makes a good strike though more effort may be required to make a strike.
  • Head RIP control tennis string has the maximum benefits, but its’ low power may not suit some players who are accustomed to use the traditional racquet.


Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String

Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String has the combination of all around playing ability and it comes with an additional performance. It possesses solid core synthetic which offers a lively feel and better ball bite to the players. It has become a highly sought after choice amongst the players because of its fame for ‘Power Strip Technology’ which is basically a Polyphenelyne Sulfide Strip to provide additional flexibility and elasticity to the players requiring additional power. Also, Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String provides the players with all around string for amalgam application. Thus, players prefer this because they find it very reliable. Read more

  • It is combined with an all-round playing capability with additional performance.
  • It is well known for the Power Strip Technology which provides additional flexibility and elasticity for additional power.
  • It has unique Pearl Polyamide coating which reduces burning and notching.
  • It provides additional durability in comparison to the traditional string.
  • The string is manufactured using monofilament core with an additional layer of outer wraps which combines fair tension control along with a softer feel to offer better and longer lasting strings.

  • Some players feel that the string of the Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String is too soft even on high tension.

Choosing The Best Tennis Strings

Why You Need A Tennis String?

Someone rightly pointed out, “Strings are the soul of a racquet.” Nonetheless, some players ignore the importance of this very ‘soul’ that comes in direct contact with the ball. You need a right kind of tennis string to up your performance in the court. Undoubtedly, a bad quality of string can wreak havoc on your game. On the contrary, a good quality string, which matches your style and game, gives you an edge and ups your performance. An example about one of the factors of the string will help you understand this.

With a looser string, you can hit the ball at a great distance but it gives you less control over the racket. On the other hand, tighter string offers you more control and is the best for a player that hits hard. However, a tight string can take a toll on your arm in the long run and a stringing professional may be of great help to decide the tension of the string. Therefore, a lot depends on you how you want your racquet to be strung. Besides, a lot depends on the durability, playability, string gauge and material used in the string. It may take some time to recognize the right kind of string for anyone but it is worth knowing.

Types Of Tennis Strings

Natural Gut Tennis Strings

Synthetic Tennis Strings

Hybrid Tennis Strings

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Features Of Good Tennis Strings



Tennis String Gauge




So Which Tennis Strings Are Best For Me?

Right Tennis strings are the life and soul of the racket, which means they have to be given as much importance as choosing the tennis racquet prior to your purchase. It can be a confusing process, considering the different types of tennis strings, wide range of tensions and multiple brands to choose from. Here are a few factors to help you decide:

  • Your Level Of Play

Depending on whether you are an amateur or a pro, you can choose the type of tennis strings that will suit you best. An athlete might go for the natural gut string, which offers an additional edge over the other string types, by letting the player improvise upon all the aspects of the game. Other players may opt for more affordable synthetic string types.

  • Frequency Of Play

The durability of the perfect tennis strings are an important factor to consider before purchase. If you are a player who frequently tends to break the strings, polyester string can be considered as a solid option. Often, they are combined with natural gut or nylon strings to give the player an extra comfort while playing.

  • Arm Injuries

For players recovering from an arm injury, the best option is the multi- filament tennis string, which provides a soft, almost cushion-like feel. A put out is the fraying that might occur consequently, owing to the breakage of tiny fibers used to create these strings.

  • Style Of Play & Personal Preference

When you choose the strings, your personal choice can depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • Power: It can be defined as the energy that is transferred to the ball after the impact. More power implies more speed with not much efforts involved.
  • Control: It is the player’s perception of where he can place the ball to gain the desired trajectory.
  • Spin: The rotation of the ball after the impact with the racquet depends on the movement, friction between the ball and string bed and snap back of the main strings. If you consider best tennis strings for spin then you will see the improvements in your shots.
  • Comfort: For added comfort, strings with greater capacity for vibration dampening and lesser amplitude of the initial “shock” are preferred.
  • Durability: The durability of the string depends on its resistance to wear (or notching) and toughness, which is measured by its ability to absorb energy on impact, without snapping.
  • Touch: This factor is all about the way the player feels while changing the pace and positioning of the ball.

Final Thoughts

While the incredibly wide range of string types may seem a bit daunting to choose from at first, you will be a step closer to knowing all about the tennis racquet before purchasing it. If your choice may not be the right one the first time you purchase it, you can always go for a better one next time because the best tennis strings plays a important role in your performance. Make sure that you try out different types of tennis strings before playing a tennis match. Also gather the information about tennis string patterns if you are trying to string a tennis racquet first time.

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