Gamma Sports Quick Kids Training Balls Review

Gamma Sports Kids Training Balls are great for kids as these balls have less pressure. Kids are comfortable while using the balls because these balls do not bounce like other tennis balls. These balls are bigger in size in comparison to regular-sized tennis balls. Children find these balls comfy because they are left with more time to prepare for hitting the balls. The balls can be used to train those children who love to play outdoor sports. The product is available in a variegated range of colors in addition to having different tag names, such as 78 green dot, 60 orange dot, quick kids 36, quick kids 60 and quick kids 78, to name a few.


  • The product comes in different styles and attractive colors. The contrasting colors give the balls a brilliant look and children are also lured by its color.
  • These balls have less pressure so it is best when it comes to training children.
  • Children find these balls more comfortable as it does not bounce much. They have more time to set themselves before hitting the ball.
  • These balls are soft but durable. Though the balls need to be hit with more strength; children will have a good time being on the tennis court.
  • As the ball has little air in it a player has to exert great force while hitting it. Children enjoy throwing it inside the room as they don’t have to keep running or chasing the ball.
  • The product offers bounciness as well as a sustained speed, which is very much required when children play for the first time. The regularized speed and bouncy nature of the ball give them enough confidence to strike the ball.
  • These balls have horizontal velocity when one hits it.
  • It is the preferred choice of players who are familiar with training methodologies for tennis.
  • The size of the balls is bigger and softer which is an advantage for a newie.

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