How To Develop Arm Strength

When it comes to throwing the ball on a consistent basis in baseball, players just cannot get through this tough routine without developing enough arm strength. From a pitcher to a thrower, a baseball player has to use his arm on a frequent basis throughout his career. And if he does so without any prevention, a serious injury can occur in the shoulder, arm or even wrist.

Talking about the remedy of this problem, a player can develop enough arm strength by doing regular exercises. When it helps them to stay fit for a longer term, this eventually helps the player to become an influential figure for his team.

So, if you are a rookie or even a professional looking to build arm strength, here are top 4 tips which will help you in building the strength of your arms. At FansRoar they have some great tips on all things baseball. So, you might want to check on them.

baseball arm exercices

1st Exercise

After having a dumbbell of considerable weight (ideally 5 pounds) in each arm, stretch them in such a way that they aren’t fully straight on the side of your shoulders. Lift them in such a way that they should reach the shoulder height while keeping an angle of 45*. Stretch them up and down from this position for at least 12 times and don’t forget to repeat this exercise twice in your workout.

2nd Exercise

Placing your arms at an angle of 90* while holding the dumbbells with both hands. Holds the dumbbell in such a way that your palms are pointing towards the floor.  Start pushing them downwards until they reach the thighs. Take a moment or two at this point, breath in and then retract to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for 3 sets, each of which consists of no less than 10 repetitions. One can also use a barbell in place of a dumbbell for this particular exercise.

3rd Exercise

After adding weight on each side of a barbell, lay flat on the bench so that your back has enough support to lift the weight. Hold the barbell from the center as this will help you in repeating this exercise for a longer duration. Start the exercise by lowering the barbell towards your chest before lifting it back upwards to the starting point. Initiate this exercise with smaller weights before shifting onto heavier ones being placed on the side of the barbell. Don’t forget to breathe in while lowering the barbell and breathe out while lifting it backward. Repeat this exercise 8 times, with a total of 4 sets.

4th Exercise

Hold a dumbbell in one hand in such a way that if forms a curl with your body. Try to place your elbows in front of your body with your palms pointing upward. Now start lifting this weight towards your chest before curling your arms back to their starting position. Talking about the desired weight in this regard, a newbie should start with no less than 5 pounds. While a weight heavier than this will be too much for the rookie, a lighter one won’t be of any help in developing the arm strength. Also, try to repeat this act for 12 times and a total of 36 repetitions.

We hope this article came of some help to you. If you follow the above-mentioned exercise and maintain the routine, your arm strength should improve to a great extent.

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