Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Limited Edition Ball Machine Review

Lobster sports elite grand V limited edition portable tennis ball machine comes with variety of features to help to practice like a professional. It allows random oscillation, multiple style shots, 3 line functions with 20 functions wireless remote control.


Full Programmability

Grand Sports V LE allows you to program shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate allowing you to convert your weak points into strengths through constant practice. The combinations are infinite thus having a Grand Sports V LE can truly help you improve your tennis by focusing on your weaknesses and improving them.

Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Limited Edition Ball Machine Review

Complete Random Oscillation Feature With Variable Speed & Spin

Grand Sports V LE allows complete random oscillation feature with varying speed and spin simulating a real game with a real opponent. Other portable tennis ball machines can’t surpass this feature making Grand Sports V LE one of the best tennis ball machines in the market that can significantly improve your performance through practice.

Pre-programmed Drills

The Grand Sports V LE is equipped with 6 pre-programmed drills. These drills have 6 shots simulating the three popular styles of play namely: grinder, all courter, power baseliner, forehand plus, attact/defend, and transition. You get to choose what playing style your opponent uses and practice how to overcome each style.

3 Line Function: Narrow, Medium & Wide

Grand Sports V LE is equipped with a paralleled 3 line function namely, narrow, medium, and wide. With this feature, you get to practice your forehand and backhand and improve your swings. It can also serve as your warm-up routine.

Grand Sports V LE Cutting Edge LCD Control Panel

Grand Sports V LE is also equipped with an innovative control panel which allows you to personalized your drill by programming 18 shot locations with various speed and spin without the outdated knobs and dials. This control panel uses touch buttons and has a digital LCD screen that shows all the functions. Above all the new control panel is user-friendly.

20 Function Wireless Remote Control (optional)

If you are busy with your game and you want an instantaneous change in speed, spin, oscillation and feed, or you just want to pause or play the machine, adding a remote control is a good option. Grand Sports V LE has an optional state of the art wireless remote control that allows you to do just about anything without going to the other side of the court and resetting the machine.

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