Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Reveiw

The lobster sports elite liberty tennis ball machine is the latest machine. This machine is helpful for the beginners and intermediate players. The weight of the machine is 35 lbs. The oversized wheels and side handles which can be folded to provide great portability for the players to take the machine with them. The machine can be compacted easily while transportation. The machine is able to carry 150 balls at a single time, which provides you to play for continuous time without any interruptions of filling the basket again and again. It allows the user to access the full corner to corner random oscillation. This feature is to improve the speed, agility and focus of the player while playing the game. . The storage dimension of the machine is 24 X 16 X 19 inches. After the machine is ready, then it’s dimensions are 24 X 16 X 31 inches. The feed rate of the machine is 2-10 seconds. The invertible hopper can carry the specific number of balls and when it is not required, then the hopper can be inverted again to cover up the machine.

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Reveiws

Technical Specifications

It generally consists of random horizontal oscillation. It has manual elevation which elevates up to 50 degree lobs in order to practice the overheads. The indicator of the elevation provides that the ball is coming in which direction and help the user to identify it clearly in order to hit the ball with the racquet. The tennis ball machine battery last longer for 4 hours. The minimum speed of the ball is 20 mph and the maximum is 70mph. The power of the machine is either by the batter or by the AC/DC power. The basic charger is included in the machine which helps you to charge the machine.  The fast charger and remote control are optional. The fast charger allows the user to charge the machine faster and remote control makes the things little easy.  External AC power supply and storage cover are the optional materials.

  • The top spin and back spin is the key features of the machine which offers the players to take their game at the next level.
  • Helps to control the ball speed and ball spins.

  • Fast charger costs extra and the basic charger can damage the battery.

Customer Reviews

The ratings of this product is 4 stars. There are cheaper machines out there that have similar features. The big wheels and long handle supply. The topspin and backspin (underspin on the control panel), which this machine has unlike its cheaper cousin the “freedom” model that is $100 cheaper. This one goes for 4-6 hrs and the Freedom only advertises 1-2 hours.

It needs more court time between her lessons and drills. Believe me, this machine is far cheaper than more lessons or drills for the juniors. It allows them to work on the strokes and techniques they’ve learned that week with consistent and reliable feeds. We also like to use the side to side and hit together at the same time, which is fun.


The large ball capacity and battery size allow extended play on the court. The  oversized wheels and extended handle provides portability for players. Enjoy playing against such advanced features such as full corner-to-corner random oscillation and up to 50-degree lobs to practice your overheads. The machine is ideal for someone who needs the control of the ball speed and the ball spins. This machine provides the warranty of 2 years. The accessories have a warranty of 1 year.

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Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Reveiw
All the reviews are based on the best user experience and you also can give your reviews to this product based on your experience with tennis ball machines.
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All the reviews are based on the best user experience and you also can give your reviews to this product based on your experience with tennis ball machines.

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