Tennis Lessons For Kids

Before learning the tennis lessons, everyone must have a good kids tennis racket because it will help you in playing a perfect game with proper comfort & grip. Tennis lessons for kids and the game itself require considerable physical and mental endurance. This game has been in play for an excess of one century and can be considered an excellent means of children having fun while enhancing their physical fitness. Approximately 20 percent of children between 6-8 years are overweight and this has astonishingly increased to roughly 200 percent over the preceding three decades. A large number of experts believe that this is partly attributed to children lacking regular action in sports and other games that are physically enduring.

Tennis lessons for kids cannot be considered an easy sport to learn in the case of young children, but if the kids are started off right, they have a likelihood of becoming lifelong players. Not surprisingly, the key is ensuring that they are enjoying themselves. The best way of ensuring that they are having fun and equally learning appropriately is keeping them experiencing accomplishments. Progressions are used to guarantee success and they should be made to start small, easy and simple.

Tennis lessons for kids Or Begginers

Below Are Examples Of 2 Different Sorts Of Stroke:

For Ground Strokes:

  • Begin with a considerable short back-swing in addition to a grip that is possibly shortened. The follow-through should however be normal before gradually lengthening the back-swing while sliding the grip towards the handle.
  • Begin with a drop-feed before proceeding to a short-toss feed and finally feed from the racquet.
  • Begin inside the server line and move back gradually.
  • Begin non-running, then several steps and finally a run. With the run, several kids hit considerably better.

For Overheads:

  • Begin at the contact point with the racquet before gradually introducing a much bigger swing.
  • Let the student start at a mere 3 inches from the net before gradually moving the student backward.
  • The ultra-soft feed that you start with should be to the racquet’s right and then several higher feeds may be introduced.

Tennis lessons for kids should be kept brief. For kids aged 4-6 years, 30 minutes is usually sufficient. If the drills have caused the student any real complications, the final drill should be made something relatively easy, for instance volleys. With precise feeds, even the kid who is least coordinated will manage to get his volleys in.

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Other Techniques To Make It Fun Learning Tennis Lessons For Kid:

  1. Kids have an ability of sensing in case you consider their progress not to be adequately fast and this has a likelihood of discouraging them from continuing to play.
  1. Each remark should be inclusive of some aspect of praise while ensuring that most praise generously. In case a correction requires to be made, it should be prefaced with something optimistic.
  1. Kids derive fun from counting towards easy goals, similar to obtaining 6 shots in a group in a bid of earning a game that is extra-long.
  1. After the kids are acquainted with a good choice of games, they should be permitted to vote on several options that fit appropriately with the lesson of the day.
  1. During tennis lessons for kids, drills should be followed with fun by starting the initial few lessons with ‘no-lose’ games and gradually introducing competition once confidence has taken hold.

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