Wilson NXT Tour 17 Tennis Racquet String

Wilson NXT Tour is one of the most popular brands in the tennis world. These racquets are high in comfort and equally great at control level for the players. Power is one of the best features of Wilson NXT Tour Tennis racquet. The strings of the racquet are very solid and by far reliable for any beginner and the expert players. It’s very easy and comfortable on arm and wrist for the players. The soft yet stiff strings allow the players to feel the ball better. The strings of Wilson NXT Tour Tennis racquet are closest to the natural gut.


Power & Control

Power is one of the unique selling points of Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet. The strings of the NXT Tour racquet are made of multifilament strings which produce more power and comfort for the players compared to synthetic gut or solid-core strings. Power and control are the main concepts which go hand in hand in tennis. Wilson NXT Tour racquet provides the best power, simultaneously allowing the players to have control over their move while hitting the ball. This is the reason why Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is one of the most popular choices amongst all the tennis players.

Spin & Comfort

Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is made from the best synthetic gut string which provides longer playability to the players. Spin and comfort are the most desired amongst all the features for any player because the tennis game is all about hitting and spinning the ball with the help of the arm and the wrist. This Racquet is made of premium multifilament which is soft and stiff and provides the smooth move and the perfect spin and comfort to the players. So, if one desires the spin, comfort, control and satisfaction in a single racquet, Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is the name.

Durability & Playing Duration

Durability of any racquet depends upon various features like the type of the player whether a beginner or an expert, hours of practice, the material used in manufacturing the string, etc. Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is made of multifilament which gives strength to the racquet and at the same time is soft at the balls. Since it provides perfect power and control, players can go on practicing for a considerable amount of time. The spin and comfort of this racquet is also noticeable, which makes it the best choice for the players looking for durability in a tennis racquet.


Tennis is one of the most popular games played across the world. There are several brands which manufactures the tennis racquet and it gets little difficult to chose the best. Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is constructed using dupont xycromicrofibres which is patented by Wilson NXT. The racquet provides perfect spin and comfort to the player looking to play for a longer duration. The brand assures the perfect power and control over the ball hit on the racquet. Multifilament used to manufacture the Wilson NXT racquet makes the string soft and strong which is desired by all the tennis players.

  • It is the perfect combination of control, tension and spin.
  • It features Natural Gut which is one of the most expensive materials used in manufacturing tennis racquet string.
  • It is preferred by the club players and the touring specialists.
  • It has a solid and reliable string.
  • High on Power, control and comfort.
  • Perfect string that’s easy on the arm and the wrist.
  • Made of multifilament giving strength to the strings.
  • Most preferred by the beginners and the expert players too.
  • The only con that has been noted in Wilson NXT Tour Tennis Racquet is the low durability because of extremely soft strings.

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